Cerbuino Bee - Control pins in Xbee socket

Hi… Is there a guide on how to control the pins in the Cerbuino Bee? Specifically, I’m trying to control the onboard LED and some of the pins in the Xbee socket but haven’t been able to locate information on how to do this.



Do you know how to control pins in general? If not, start with the NETMF beginner’s guide book. If yes, all you need is the schematic to determine the pin numbers. The GHI.Pins class will help you as well.

Yes, I know how to control pins in general. For example if I want to control pin20 in the xbee socket, what pin is that in software (i.e. FEZCerbuino.Pins.?)… Same for the onboard LED…

Btw, thanks for the quick response.


The xbee socket is only connected to a UART. Most pins are not connected. The other pins show in the schematic above.

Got it… Thanks!