Cerbuino bee and webserver using Xbee Roving Networks wifi

yeah , i forgot it was a type I.
My client just loves gadgeteer and so i cant change the hardware , else i too would have the atom solution. as I can program it in c# and its easy to use too.

It’s not really geared towards netduino but .NETMF in general. I just test most of the stuff on a Netduino because of a personal preference.
That said, the code should also work on other .NETMF devices and I tested a lot of stuff on a Panda as well.

True. Although it is possible with the module to listen too. The big downside is that it can handle only one socket at the time, which is very impractical for a webserver. That’s why I haven’t implemented a socket listener method (yet).

@ Garrcomm -
Thanks for info, I’m using your drive with wifly and the drive works fine on FEZ Hydra. I’m using just wifly and socket src files with some little mods for my needs. So the code is fine.

The hardware from Roving Network (RN-XV) is really quite a junk. I can’t use WPA (1,2, mixed) security with none of my AP (linksys, dlink, zyxel and so on) also with last firmware 2.45. WEP-128 is the only security settings working fine. But I need WPA2 security, becouse the module will be installed really high at the top of 40mt antenna tower.

May be I’m setting up something wrong for WPA. Is there anybody who can use WPA with this module ?

Now that’s interesting! I did that with success. I must say, wireless modules are the most difficult to debug though.

Yes that’s strange. It seems that on the internet really nobody talk about this issue so I’m coming to the conclusion I’ve misinterpreted something in the RN docs. When I “join” a WPA1/WPA2 network the module reset itself after command. This happens with 2 different modules, and 4 different AP. I’m confiused.

get wlan

Rate=12, 24 Mb

And this is output:

No clue.

random reset can mean power issues… remember that you’re all of a sudden initiating wireless in a particular way and that might be causing brown out on the module.

@ Brett - I’ve checked power and it seems ok. The problem happen not randomly, but anytime I join a wpa network. This never happen with wep network.
This happens with 2 different USB modules attached to pc, not only to hydra.
I will check again power, but I don’t think it’s the cause. Deep mistery.

Just to help someone that face my same problem, after a better check, I discovered that my USB->PC board for Xbee/ RN-XV module has a power problem. This board has a power glitch anytime I try to join WPA network resetting itself. This doesn’t happen on WEP … Using other USB adapter (from Sparkfun) the things are working fine now.

@ Brett you got it !!!