Cerbot SetLEDBitmask() is VERY slow

It appears there is a long sleep built into this function and I can’t get it to cycle at more than what appears (visually) to be about 200ms. Is this by design or is there a driver problem? This seems really slow.

ushort led = 1;
for (byte l = 0; l < 16; l++)
    led <<= 1;

@ ianlee74 - The developer page mentions that there is a software issue that induces a 40ms delay in the SetLEDBitmask function.


It does seem like a strange issue, I would be very interested to know if there was some technical challenge that required the introduction of the 40ms delay.

We simply forgot the delay there :slight_smile: will be removed in next release

@ taylorza - thanks for being gentle with the RTFM :wink:

Well now I am glad I was gentle about it. The very next day I “reported” an error here

And guess what the very last line of the developer page for the G400 mentions under the known issues… You got it, the exact issue I “reported” :slight_smile:

But you don’t know when it was added to the page :wink:

May be right after you have reported it.

True, if only I RTFM I would know for sure :slight_smile: