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Cerberus with micro SD card problem


I recently purchased a Cerberus board, micro SD card, USB Client SP, and cellular board. I’m having a problem with the Cerberus mounting a Kingston 1GB micro SD card. I’ve tried the MountSD(400) suggestion in someone else’s posted problem with no luck. What is the range of value I should try for that parameter? I’ve reformatted the SD card numerous times. The card works like a charm in my Fez Domino still. Any more thoughts or work being done to fix this issue?


SD card is being improved in this coming release. Maybe try a different SD card for now.


What’s the lead time for the fix?


gus is probably typing now… but he’s said weeks not months, if that helps. It’s in TESTING mode right now.


As you can guess, you can’t put exact date on software, a little bug can push things days or weeks but we are done.


@ logictechs -

is it locked up when call MountSD() ?


@ Dat-

It runs for a couple cycles then locks up if I don’t stop it.

@ Gus-

Completely understand. 1 bit off and your banging your head. So if your done, can you let me try it at least? When will it officially release?


@ logictechs -

Hello, can you please show us simple code.
I improved this issue and it is working fine on my side now. But since we have some problems with SD card on Ceberus, we want your code because we don’t want it is still happened in your side in next release.


I’ve actually been trying code examples available at this site and forum just to test things out. Nothing special. I don’t think it actually needs any code to initiate the fault either. When I cycle inserting and deinserting of the SD card, it tries to automatically mount the card each time. So I don’t know if the code used to change the speed, mountSD(400) is actually being used or not at this point either.


@ logictechs -

Yes, we have a lot of code about SD card here, some of them use Gadgeteer, some of them non-Gadgeteer, some of them use FileStream, some of them use StreamWriter… that why I needed your code that is easier to reproduce issue.


You can reproduce simply by creating a new Cerberus program in Visual C# and deploying as created by default. During debug, insert the SD card and see what happens. It should automatically start trying to mount the card and generate the fault response until it locks up or you stop debugging.