Cerberus: unable to update the TinyBooter: errorcode 1234500A


I have updated several Cerberus in the past without any problems. However, I am now getting an error when I try to erase the TinyBooter using the STMDfuTester application.

Because I was thinking that the specific Cerberus had some problems (this board was successful updated to version in the past however), I did take a new Cerberus board and was able to successful update the Tinybooter with the latest version

So, the first conclusion was that only one Cerberus had a problem. However, I decided to revert back to the previous version due to a few reasons. So, I restarted the Cerberus with the boot pin high and try to erase the TinyBooter from the Cerberus and boom, the same error did occur on this new device which was just update to version without any problems.

So, I have now 2 Cerberus mainboards which I can’t update to new version of the TinyBooter. One has currently version and on the other one is version installed.

The error which occur in the STMDfuTester application is as follows:

Error. Detailed situation:
Operation:                   3
ErrorCode:                   1234500A
Percent:                     8
dwTag:                       0000002B
szDevLink:                   \\?\usb#vid_0483&pid_df11#345f37613231#{3fe809ab-fb91-4cb5-a643-69670d52366e}
wTransferSize:               2048
LastDFUStatus.bStatus:       11
LastDFUStatus.bState:        10
LastDFUStatus.iString:       0
LastDFUStatus.bwPollTimeout: 0
CurrentRequest:              10000000
CurrentNBlock:               0
CurrentLength:               5
CurrentAddress:              08000000
CurrentImageElement:         0

Does someone else having these problems? I have tried another USB port, but without any luck.

I hope someone can help me.


Restarting the computer and try it again an a couple of different USB ports. Then I would try another PC and/or reinstall the driver.

Thanks for your reply. I have tried in on 2 different computers (PC / laptop with both Win 7 x64) on different USB ports and on different days and hence restarts. It has worked well for different times before on my workstation and also as I did write: if I take a new Cerberus it’s still working well.

Due to the fact that the first update of a new Cerberus is successful my conclusion is that updating an updated device do result in this error. Is it possible that the updated .dfu package contains a wrong or damages certificate or something like that resulting in an error when updating the same device a second time?

Hope to hear from you soon.


@ Jaap

Did you follow the “Create from Map” and Erase step?


The displayed error is the one which occur during the erase step.

Can you retry the steps and take a screen shot of the Error when it occurred. I have never seen this error before. I would like to see it in context of the application. And also if you will give the complete steps that you followed to help us reproduce it here at our end.

To get a capture of just the active screen use Alt PrtScn and paste in paint.


See the attached file for a screenshot.

As said, I have updated both the TinyBooter and firmware for several times now. Below a list of the steps I perform:

[ul]Connected the boot pins together with a small wire
Connected the USB port the the USB client module (DP version, only the USB port connected)
The device is recognized in Windows as 'STM32 BOOTLOADER’
I removed the wire between the boot pins
I start the DFU Tester application via Start -> All programs -> STMicroelectronics -> DfuSe -> STDFU Tester
I click on the ‘Protocol’ tab
I click on the ‘Create from map’ button
I select the ‘Erase’ radio button
I click on the Go button
The error as seen in the attached picture will occur shortly after pressing the ‘Go’ button[/ul]

I hope to hear from you. Tonight I will go on a vacation until the 3rd of June. During this vacation I will stay away from this forum as I hope you will understand :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your reply.

You mentioned that you are only powering the board via USB with the DP module, Can you try again with either a powered USB hub or an external power supply? The voltage/current may not be adequate enough via USB port alone.

@ Aron - This looks like thesame error thats happening here on a cerb40ii https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=12009


I did already tried that, but it makes no difference. I have tried it again (just 4 sure), but the same error occur.



The only way to recreate a similar error you are having, I clicked on “Detach” and “Go” which gave a similar error and also “Leave Dfu mode” and “Go” again with the same similar error. However, when I tried again to erase the board with “Create from Map”, “Erase”, and “Go”, flashing is not an issue. Perhaps the USB driver was corrupted or maybe the DFU Tester program. I can suggest to uninstall both the DFU driver and the STM/DFU tester software and reinstall to see if that will fix the issue.

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@ Jaap - Did you find an aswer to your problem?
I have exact the same problem here (same error message and numbers same hardware).

@ PVisser, their last login was in May, I suspect they’re not going to answer your question. I’d suggest you start your own thread to get the help you need.

Hi Pepijn,

This problem is not solved yet. Whatever I tried, I am unable to update the bootloader for the second time on the same Cerberus. Since I own multiple Cerberus boards, I stopped trying and did continue my project with another one.

So, no resolution yet.


@ Jaap - Hi Jaap,

I got it working but not the way the manual told me to.
Loading with DFU Test (v3.0.1) kept on failing. So i try to load it with the DfuSe DFU tester (v3.0.3). To my surprice that workt. Before that step i already updated the fireware with the FEz-config tool.
I was surpriced this workt but it runs fine now at the latested loader/firmware.


Downloading the DFUSE package from ST still only installs the 3.0.1 of STDFU Tester, do you have a link to the updated package?


I have no idea were i have found this version.
But i did find the installer (MSI) file on my system.
Would you like a copy?


Yes please. Please note that maybe the file is version 3.0.3 but the STDFU Tester is version 3.0.1?? I will pm you with my email…

This problem has been resolved.

See https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=16978&page=3#msg169248

What was the solution to this problem?
I have a similar issue to https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=18112
I attempted to deploy a project that was working perfectly in debug mode. Deployment caused the Cerbuino Bee board to fail, and I could no longer run my program on it (even in debug).

I tried to go through the steps to reload the firmware but after I “Create from Map” the Erase gives me the ErrorCode:1234500A

nothing I can do from here works. Is there a way to recover the board to its defaults?