Cerberus Schematic or socket map

A couple of days ago I found a web page with a description of how each of the sockets on the Cerberus were connected to the pins on the uP. I do know that it is best if we use the sockets as designed, but I have come up with a project where after having used an S, Y, and P socket I am 1 GPIO short and was thinking maybe one of the NC(s) on the S or P socket may be usable as a GPIO. since on the Cerberus it is labeled as both a P and Y socket.
I am obviously horrible at formulating a proper search since I have not been able to find the information now that I want to review it.
Can anyone point me to the correct place? I promise I will book mark it this time :->

Oops I forgot to mention I have used the G pins on both the S and P socket so those are not available either.

@ Justin - Now I am embarrassed. I should be snake bit. How the heck could I forget that one it is so darn obvious.

@ Dave - I seem to forgot more than I remember…must be old age catching up with me…or substance abuse in my misspent youth. :smiley:

@ Justin - No that can’t be the problem. I’m from a small farm town we never had any substance abuse in small farm towns!
What I can’t get over, is I still remember how to design with ECL and DTL I can tell you what a 17182 is and how to do a subtract on a SC/MP, but can’t remember where I put my watch the night before.

@ Dave - too much fresh air :wink: