Cerberus & Gadgeteer 4.2

Some of you have played “Cerberus” and SDK 4.2?
Last week we have found several problems.

No matter if VB or C# the problem is the same, system catch a exception when you try use LightSensor…

Exception ‘System.NotSupportedException’ en Microsoft.SPOT.IO.dll
Using mainboard GHI Electronics FEZCerberus version 1.1
Program Started
’System.ArgumentException’ en Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.dll

A big hole when you use inside “timer” event… some times after unplug, the board becomes unaccessible, including if you try ping from MfDeploy. In this case the only solution is “Erase and download” the firmware again.

In the other hand, the system timer continue working wrong, if you try to implement this next code, the timer “auto stop” after some time running, but not hang… simply stop firing the timer tick, provably this and the Thread.Sleep are the same problem.

Dim WithEvents timer As GT.Timer = New GT.Timer(1000) ’ every second (1000ms)
Private Sub button_ButtonPressed(sender As Gadgeteer.Modules.GHIElectronics.Button, state As Gadgeteer.Modules.GHIElectronics.Button.ButtonState) Handles button.ButtonPressed
If button.IsLedOn Then
End If
End Sub

Private flic As Boolean
Private Sub timer_Tick(timer As Gadgeteer.Timer) Handles timer.Tick
    flic = Not flic
End Sub

NOTE: The timer start working again if you execute “timer1.start()” once more… pressing the button.

The question is, Cerberus is a big think for begginers, but some people are waiting to have a more stable environment to start sharing. I know this is a open community project, In my case I don’t have tools… compilers, bla, bla and also I don’t have large experience in ARM compilers. Then How can I do in order to help for improve the cerberus firmware? the only way is across codeplex? have any list to collaborate in every pending work around?

Thanks for your patience and for your responses :slight_smile:

Yes and no, community is helping but GHI is actively working on this. GHI finished Hydra software complete and with minimal to no community contributions.

So you can either contribute if you can or just wait few weeks and it will be all done for you :slight_smile: We are working on it.

Thanks Gus,
Then please let me know if we can be useful in any way.

I’m feeling bad because GHI people are working on it, to finish for me… meantime I’m sitdown waiting. LOL!
Jokes apart, again let me know if you think that we can help from here.