Cerberus firmware upgrade problem

I have a problem with my fez cerberus.
When i upgrade the firmware , my cerberus become a unknow usb device in windows

see the sceenshots :

i use Fez config
my tinybooter is up to date ( i update with stdfu Tester without problem )
but the device is in Loader Mode
I try to reboot the device with " reboot CLR" , no difference
i try to upgrate the firmware, with success, but the device become a uknow usb device.

with .net micro framework deploy tool , the upgrate stop with " chk " text …

the pb is the same with firmware 4.2 …

( sorry for my bad english … )

Hi User12426 (it’d be great if you updated your profile so we know a bit more about you). Welcome to the furum anyhow.

The problem here seems to be twofold. Can you capture a shot of Device Manager and show us what it says - it seems like the driver isn’t being loaded or the VID/PID isn’t being recognized. Have you ever used the Cerberus on this PC, or is this a brand new never tested setup ? Second, don’t bother trying to apply firmware in MFDeploy, just stay with FezConfig.

I Brett,
thanks for your reply.

Is not the first time i used the cerberus, but it’s the first time after the upgrade to the 4.3 SDK.
i have the same error on two other pc with a new install of sdk4.3 & ms visual express 2012

the screenshots :
after a flah with STDFU tester i have " GHI NETMF Interface"

after the firmware install (upgrade) with Fez Config i have " Unknow Device"

after if i reset the cerberus i have " GHI NETMF Interface" in control pannel
but in FEZ config i have :
Please wait, this may take a few moments
Failure - Device is not connected or not responding.