Cerberus and Pulse Count over SPI issue

Hi there,
Correct me if I’m wrong: when plugged to an Y socket, the Pulse Count module works in software SPI mode. When plugged to S socket, it works with hardware SPI (wich is way faster).
I need hardware SPI, in Quad4 mode, but on a Cerberus, neither the Quad4 mode setting, neither the ResetCount method works. Evertything works fine when doing the same test with a spider motherboard.
I’m using the 2014 R2 package (4.3).
Any idea / known issue ?

@ romain - You are correct in that hardware spi is used when the socket supports and software spi otherwise. Does it also fail software spi on the Cerberus or just hardware?

Only hardware SPI, on 2 distincts cerberus.

@ romain - We will take a look and let you know what we find out.

@ romain - We can reproduce the issue but don’t have a fix at this time. I would use software SPI for now.

@ John - thanks for the feedback.
I really need hardware SPI as I have time constraints and soft SPI is far too slow (nearly 10x too slow).
The bad thing about this is that I bought 3 cerberus specially for that (2 as spare components).
If you could answer me on a few questions, it would help me greetly to decide what to do next for my project:

  • Do you know if it is a software or hardware bug ?
  • If it’s a software bug, do you know when it will be corrected (some rought estimation) ?
  • Depending on your answers, I may go for an hydra: could you test that the hydra does not have this bug ?
    Thanks for your help.

@ romain - It is not yet known if it is a software or hardware bug. I did test a Hydra using our just released SDK and it worked fine on both SPI sockets.

@ John - thanks for your help, I will go for an hydra.

Any news about the SPI bug on Cerberus boards ?
I still have some boards I cannot use because of that, it would be a good news to be able to use them!

@ romain - There has been no change.