Cerb40 II SD Card Pins

Forgive me… I know this has got to be written down somwhere…

Is there a definitive pinout schema for Cerb40 --> MicroSD in 4-bit mode?

Actually I guess more importantly, does SD_CMD pin need to be used with OSHW firmware?

I’ve scoured the forums already >.> was time to post.

Is this what your looking for?

39 PC8/SD_D0
40 PC9/SD_D1
51 PC10/SD_D2
52 PC11/SD_D3
53 PC12/SD_CLK


Lol thanks…

I guess more directly…

SD only needs D0 D1 D2 D3 CLK and a VSS to function in 4 bit right?

I’m derping pretty hard right now >.> Please disregard as I seem to have forgotten how SD works lol

I’ve only ever wired it up in SPI mode pin-for-pin, was confused by not having that supported on Cerb’s :X

Also, I dunno wtf happened to my old post count… definitely not new to here - just been a while :slight_smile: