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Cerb40 II and SPI Mode SD Card


I know, it supports 4 bit. I have my reasons heh.

Is there any support for SPI mode SD Card that plays nicely with the OSHW boards? Or am I stuck implementing this myself if I want it?


There is some documentation available on

and SPI is common so i see no reason why this should not be possible.


… except it’d be your task to plumb in the framework file system handlers. Easier to just use 4-bit mode. If IO pins are your concern, add a DL40 and use Taylorza’s extended firmware for your general IO requirements.


Thanks heh

My issue is literally that a breakout board with an audio processor on it has a micro SD slot and a shared SPI bus between the coprocessor and the SD pins by way of chip select pin >.>


ignore the onboard one and use a “real” one. Sorry, I just think you have too much plumbing to do to make it feasible over a few little wires :slight_smile:


Yep, thats what I’m ending up doing heh, it was a formfactor issue, I have a very, very small amount of space to get everything done, I’m probably going to end up soldering straight to a MicroSD card and sandwiching it between the audio board and the Cerb40 II :X