Cerb40 – Getting started


I have just received my tiny Cerb40. Unfortunately, I am failing to get started.

I am using the following software:

  • Windows8 64bit
  • VS2012
  • MFDeploy 4.3

What have I done first?

  1. Supplied external 3.3v.
  2. Installed all GHI software according to the instructions
  3. I couldnt deploy a sample program from VS2012
  4. Connected to MFDeploy version 4.3 ( is this a problem?)
  5. Ping answers with: Pinging… TinyBooter

From here I followed these instructions: http://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/55/firmware-update-fez-cerberus
1- DFU Tester v3.0.1 used to erase and downloaded the DFU file (TinyBooter_4_2_4_.dfu [13-2-2013]).
2- Disconnected power, removed the LODR-3.3v connection, reconnected.
3- Started MFDeploy again to deploy config.hex + firmware.hex [13-2-2013] to the board.
4- Received the error message: No response from device.
5- …
6- Repeated all steps above many time in small variations

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Cheers, Sinan

Definitely try with MFDeploy v4.2. I’m not sure about the differences between 4.2 & 4.3 but GHI does not yet officially support v4.3. So, I would always start with v4.2 bits.

Where can I download v4.2 of MFDeploy? Do I need to reinstall the whole framework back to 4.2?

You can find the link to the latest firmware here:
Not sure about running 4.2 and 4.3 side by side, but you will need the whole of 4.2.

I’m going to downgrade to 4.2. I hope that it will not cause too much trouble with my existing Netduino code.

Thanks for the replies,
Cheers, Sinan

You shouldn’t have any problem running 4.2 & 4.3 side-by-side. However, make sure you have the version selected that you want to use in your project properties.

@ ianlee74
Everything is already removed and reinstalled in 4.2 version. I have seen your answer too late… :frowning:

Going back to MFDeploy was (unfortunately) the solution. Now I can deploy TinyClr to my board.

Thanks, cheers, Sinan

Now, I can’t start my projects in VS2012 anymore.

Installing VS2010 is really the only option to go further from here?

Gus hinted that support for VS2012 should be out very soon.

I should have wait. Any idea what the planning is?

I would use 2010 meanwhile.

It’s up and running now!

I don’t have a license for full VS2010 and it doesn’t work in Express edition. But, I can us e VS2012 now after installing .NetMF 4.2 and 4.3 editions. They seems to live happily together and 4.2 is probably only needed for the older MFDeploy version.

In VS2012, I start with an empty console application. Set the framework to 4.2 (default = 4.3) and add the necessary GHI references.

Thanks again for the assistance.
Cheers, Sinan