Cerb40 COM Ports

First off - love this adorable beast :slight_smile:

I have an application for one of them in a project where size is an issue and these seem to fit the bill nicely.


I need 3 functional UARTs; or at least 2 + SPI.

I glanced the Cerb dev page and saw that only COM2 is currently supported. Is this the current state? Is there an expected time frame for being able to access all the COM’s? How can I help? :slight_smile:

Thanks all; this community rocks :slight_smile:
OSHW = win.

Yes you can help and we NEED you and all community to help. We are planing on releasing all codes today but it is almost the end of the day and we are out of time. It maybe Monday.

The more the community helps with little things, the more time GHI will have to work on big things.