Cerb40 cannot deploy

I have firmware updated a Cerb40 a couple of times now - this goes fine.

But, I cannot deploy, even with out adding code to the standard FEZCeberus project - It is preparing for ever, no reboot.

I saw an old post with the same problem, but no solution.

Hi Niels,

I had the same problem on FEZ Cerbuino Bee the first time I updated the firmware.
It turns out that I didn´t erase the flash memory before loading the Tiny Booter. So, if you are having the same problem I had, Step 3 of the update firmware should be the solution:

Do not tell this to any one!

I was just so focused on the new STDFU Tester that I forgot to use MS Deploy, also.

Without firmware - no fun!

@ Niels Soeren - tehehe - don’t worry, i have done the same :smiley:

Indeed, it’s a phase we all need to go through :slight_smile:

@ Gus - is a CerberusUpdater in the works or is this always going to require two steps? I haven’t heard any mention of it.

I do not know.