Cerb / Hydra + OLED question

Hey guys!

I have a Hydra and a Cerberus board and a few of the OLED modules ( http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/343 ). Am I correct in understanding that, at the moment, there is no completed code support for those available (meaning drag / drop designer level)?

I have seen some references to the Seed 128x68 board and some source drivers, but nothing specific to this 128x128 that I could find.

Any help?


Hi Ken, Welcome to the forums !

I am still running in the Netmf 4.1 era (ie not the latest beta version), but I have my Hydra using that OLED display without issue. Since you may well have the 4.2 framework installed, you have two real options. First, you can try setting your target framework to 4.1 and then I believe you should be able to see the module in the gadgeteer toolbox. Second, you can find the source code on Codeplex and re-target it to 4.2 yourself. You might find a few other questions posed over the past week that have people talking about this scenario for other modules.

good luck !

Edit: oh, and there was some talk about the Cerb and this device, it seems like the memory constraints on Cerb and the current driver might actually be at odds to each other, so depending on your experience you might need to dig into the code in more detail.


The docs seemed to indicate that 4.1 was not an option for the Hydra or the Cerb. I’ll look again.

:: nods :: Yeah, I will have to do that.

Between this and the issues of a network stack being too big, I think the Hydra is the way to go. I just need to check and see what the component costs would be in mass production for a Hydra based widget.


I guess we can’t just keep waiting for seeed to update their drivers and will have to do it for them.

:: nods :: True that. I will look into taking the 128x64 driver and seeing if I can shoehorn it into the Cerb. If it’s too much of a PITA I’ll just go Hydra for now.


Wasn’t Skewworks using the OLED display with a Cerb40 in his Pip-Boy project? [link]

I am and I use my own custom drivers for it. Not only didn’t want to wait for Seeed but Bitmap to screen is about 60 times slower than my approach

Hmmm… VERY interesting. Any chance you will be opening up that bit of it? I would be happy to extend the code and do documentation / examples if that’s what the community needs.


I’ll put up what I can tomorrow. We haven’t decided in PicoBitmap will be free or commercial yet. If its commercial it would probably only be he cheapest in our line. Either way I’ll post everything outside of that.

Awesome. I really just need to be able to put up text (using it for status, countdowns and so on) to start.


Where can I find this driver? Looking to get my oled up and running with my cerbuino. Thanks.