Cerb-Family (Cerberus) device not installing on Windows 8 64-bit


I have just upgraded to Windows 8 and installed VS2010 Pro, the .NETMF SDK and the GHI setup installer that installs all of the module drivers and the USB drivers etc. but when I attach my cerberus (that works fine on my win7 build) it is in “Other Devices” in Device Manager.

I’ve tried to do “Update Driver…” and then find the folder located at:

But when I do this it instantly says:

Windows was unable to install your Cerb-family

This happens if I point it at the “USB Drivers” folder and tick “Include subfolders” or choose the specific folders the drivers are in.

I’ve also uninstalled and re-installed all of the GHI stuff but it’s still not working.

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Windows 8 x64 with VS2010 is my promary development platform for Cerb-Family devices. So I know it works. I am still using the Oct. 24 release though.

Exactly the same thing!!


Looks like windows is seeing it. Did you try to point it to the drivers?

I had a similar problem earlier on my Win8 x64 box with a Cerberus that was working just fine yesterday.

I removed the Cerb-Family device using Device Manager.

I shorted the LDR pins on the Cerb as directed here: http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=Firmware_Update_FEZ_Cerberus

I reloaded TinyBooter and then the Firmware and it started working again.

@ steve, so did you already have 4.2 on the boards then re-firmware update them with the same firmware?

I’ve still got Win7 installed on another HDD so if I go over to that everything works fine with the same mainboards.

That’s why I thought it was a windows 8 problem not a problem with the mainboards.

@ Gus Yes, as I said I tried to go to " Update Driver…" and manually pointed windows at the folders with the drivers in. I also did Right Click->Install… on the infs to make sure they were in the system (I’m not too sure how drivers install so I don’t know if this actually did anything interesting).

Thanks for the replies so far,

Hope I can get this sorted!


@ Poncho, yes applying the firmware again based on the same version you already installed is a safe process. Why it’s necessary I can’t say; in the past when the debugger can’t attach to the processor, such as when there’s a tight loop in your code, this may be necessary to get back to a point where you can debug/deploy, and perhaps this situation is similar?

Thanks for the info Brett, I’ll have ago, I’m away until Wednesday but I’ll report back then if I manage to get it working. So for every cerberus that doesn’t connect to my Windows 8 I’ll need to re-firmware update it, or after 1 it’ll somehow sort itself out in terms of drivers?



I don’t know if it’ll sort itself out or not - I would expect that once you have it working, it should continue working. But given that nobody is sure exactly what is going on here, I don’t think we can guarantee that :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay - yes, this board already had 4.2 on it. I think it’s Win8 that’s flaky, not the board itself.