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Cellular Shield


I’d like to have a cellular shield for M2M applications. I’d like to be able to “call” a remote weather station to download the data collected for that time period.


That is already available :wink: We didn’t add it to our website because drivers are not available yet.

It is this one



Would those drivers be difficult to make? I mean I know c# and all but is there enough reference information available to speed the process along?


most likely - if you can do it in Arduino it’s freakin eazy on Fez. If you can find Arduino code it’s probably a pretty easy port if you know C# !


I have done some work on it myself and it was easy. Take a look at the cell modem manual.
And, like brett said, if you can find code made for other system (arduino for example) then you can just port that to C#.

If this is your first project then start with blinking LEDs and few simple things first before you start digging into this.


think i might have that shield laying around. If i do i will port over the code.


Yahoo! If you could do that brett that would be awesome. I’d prefer to have a working example to start exploratory research into the device. I have so many ideas that I want to do/build…

Where’s this technology been all my life :frowning:


Hey guys,

Has anyone worked with this further? Any code to share? Thanks!


Have you looked at the Arduino drivers for the cell shield? You could probably port them over to the FEZ from that.


Any update here? I’m ordering one and would like to know if there are any gotcha’s or better yet, some shared code.


Me too.
@ GUS Thanks for the time/feedback on chat tonight


Have you seen this project?


Thanks for the Post SAM.
Looks like a good start.


im interested in communicating with my fez cobra via sms too.
I’ll order this. Update for any progress you have with this device.


FEZ Cobra is based on EMX which has full blown networking stacks with PPP. You can do a lot more on EMX than when using the shield.

The right way of connecting FEZ Cobra (EMX) is by using any PPP modem, same one that would work with a PC for example.

I am not saying you can’t use any of the simple cell modems that act as serial<->TCP bridge (no PPP)…, yes it will work with FEZ Cobra (EMX) but this device can give you a lot more if you use the proper setup.

Here is an example


Well thanks for the info. I’ll have to look at it.
Because im not familiar with wiring(as i saw its only the module?). I usually search for something ready in order to connect to my cobra and then just make my coding example.


That shield will only plug on board with arduino-formfactor boards, like domino and panda. It will not plug on cobra. You need wiring :frowning:


ok then didnt notice it thanks for the tip :wink:


It looks like to me that to connect the aforementioned Sparkfun “Cellular Shield with SM5100B” that I can just remove the Arduino shield and wire the SM5100B connector board’s power, ground, RX, and TX to the Cobra. Am I missing anything? I also want to use this with the Mini so I’m assuming the same with that too?



Got these in my RSS feed today: