Cellular Shield with SM5100B AND PPP Connection

I want to use this item http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9607 to open a socket but I don’t have a example how to create a PPP connection.
I know the command to start up the GPRS connection.

If you want to use the NETMF sockets you need tyo use PPP feature supported on EMX or ChipworkX.

If you wnat to use it with USBizi (FEZ domino or FEz Panda) you can use the embedded TCP/IP stack that this modem has

Mh… ok… But now I have another problem… I tried to reconnect my modem with fez domino but it give me back only 1 bit when I sent “AT”.
I can’t understand… maybe is turn off? There is signal or button to startup?

It is very strange, in the guide and in this forum everyone said that this modem is good but I can’t find a driver or a piece of code to test it!

Nobody has ever used? I am going crazy…

Did you try to connect a power pack? Are you sure the modem will work without power pack?

Yes, because if I connect it through the Fez domino the power isn’t enough…
And I conntect by 3 battery AA but dosen’t work…


Make sure you are using the correct baudrate adnserial port settings

Nothing … so I change in 9600 because I read “It is pre-configured to 9600bps.” but everytime the gsm return the same comand that I sent.