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Cellular Radio Module Inter-operability Questions


I’m considering getting this module:

I’m currently using a FEZ Cerbuino Bee. Are there any known issues with interfacing between this module an a FEZ Cerbuino Bee?



that’s the wrong question to ask :slight_smile:

Tell us what you’re trying to achieve. Personally, I don’t have this module but I think unless you’re talking simple GPRS data or text messages, you’re not going to get value from this.


I want to send data from my XBee, plugged into my Com1 port on the cerbuio Bee, to the com2 or com3 port for which the GPRS module would (ideally) be plugged into. Then I would send this data via an SMS Message to my software engineer’s server where he would do things with it that software engineers do with SMS data :wink: The data is not complex. I might need to send a picture once in awhile but that is not a requirement.
It looks like the GPRS Module comes from Seeed, not from GHI:

So this may be the wrong place to discuss…

The main thing i’m wondering is have the .NET Micro Framework libraries been verified with the CerbuinoBee + this module+Xbee series 2 modules?


They are just serial devices so apart from possible power issues with the cell module its not a problem.


Hi Justin,

This is what I think also. But I also can’t see why the USB Client on the FEZ Cerbuino Bee doesn’t work either. Do you know if this module has been verified on the Cerbuion Bee? or at least he firmware?



What do you mean by usb client? Do you mean usb host? If so then no there is no usb host support in the Cerb. As for the cell module, as long as you have plenty of power it will work on the cerb fine.


Hi Justin,
I’m referring to another thread:
Where Brett and I are wondering what the status of the of the USB Client.

If you can offer any insight here too that would be very helpful.


What do you mean by client and what are you trying to do with it?


Hi Justin,
I’d be going off topic if I replied to your question in this thread. Please see the discussion here:

If you have any questions please let me know or just reply in the thread above.


If all you want to do is send SMS then cellular module is fine. Its if you want to send data over an IP network that you’re likely to run into trouble