Cellbots - NetMF port

Anyone ported the cellbots arduino code to NetMF?


I am planning to use one of these cheap bluetooth modules on my fez panda 2 to connect to my android phone…

Never heard of it before, but taking a look this thing is…

a) Android application, for basically remote access. Sends commands over bluetooth (possibly wire serial) using XMPP
b) Robot platform at a minimum consisting of motors % motor controller, and carriage for the phone.

So porting would be a micro framework .net XMPP client to take cellbot commands and actualize them.
Not a huge deal, they are xml over http messages, that have a from, to; and body. I didn’t dig into the code, but I presume the commands are probably name pairs in the ‘body’ part of the message to send commands like move forward, turn etc.

Micro framework, has xml parser, bluetooth, tcp stack, motor controllers, and more sensors you can shake a stick at. Not clear how extensible the cellbot app is (can it read from non-phone based sensors too?)