CDC Vcom Driver under Win7 64Bit


there are already some other threads dealing with this topic, but I could not find a proper solution that helped me out.

I installed “CDC_Driver.inf” and it seemed that this was done correctly. When starting my application a connection was established but when sending data nothing could be received.

Afterwards it tried to install “GHI_NETMF_Interface.inf”, but it was refused by Win7.
I replaced all entries “vid_1B9F&Pid_F003&MI_00” by “vid_1B9F&Pid_F003&Rev_0100”. Now it was possible to install this driver. But even with this driver the communication did not work.

Is the CDC_Driver.inf the basic driver without debugging interface and the GHI_NETMF_Interface the same but with with debugging? Or are the totally different?
Is there anything else that I should keep in mind?

The application works under WinXP, so it seems the be a driver problem.

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Changing the inf file manually is terribly bad. You may endup needing to reinstall windows!


I did a recovery and the wrong driver aren’t on my system anymore. I installed the driver CDC_Driver manualy (using hardware manager and pointed straight on this inf-file). The installations worked.
But my application still does not. I read in a manual that it might help to do a hardware reset of my GHI Cobra. Could this may help?

You can use the USB for either debugging or for something else, like CDC. We had added something to support both but we no longer support this.