CC3000 serial responds like a clock (0101010)

As we know, CC3000 module is not on sale yet, so I made my own one for testing proposes. Is important to say that it works great with cerbuino bee,using this driver,

However, the same module, running on Raptor fails. In response to start sequence, I’m getting 040404 or 010101, like a clock. Previous in this post

, Valkire had the same problem, but I don’t find a solution for it.
As this issue appears only for Raptor, I added the recommended resistors, I “pull-uped” MISO trying to make Raptor similar to cerbuino. Nothing works.
Now the cc3000 module works better on cerbuino but still failing on Raptor.

If someone solved this problem, please let me know how.
Thanks again.

@ crespi - Yeah, as I said in that post you linked, you really need an oscilloscope to know what’s going on. Obviously, there is some difference in the signal being generated by the raptor and we can only guess what it is. The cc3000 is very picky. I only added the resistors on the SPI out of desperation.

Is there any difference in how you are powering the cc3000 with the Raptor? Is the ground on the cc3000 connected to the ground of the Raptor processor?

@ Valkyrie-MT - I bought an oscilloscope in order to solve this issue (and others too).
About the power supply, I tried dual and simple power source, always the same results. My module has a gadgeteer socket (RIP simple power module), connected to Socket 1 on the Raptor.

There is some info that maybe someone could be interested in:

  • Raptor is very sensitive to noise. I can’t debug any program from Visual Studio while the mainboard is supplied by external power.

  • Although CC3000 module works on Cerbuino, it may fail if gadgeteer cable is too long. Short cables are preferred.

  • If you pretend to use Raptor with a Xbee module, you should think about plug an antenna to the Xbee.

Thanks Valkyre. If you have any other info that you think it will help me, please tell me about it.

English is not my native language, so please excuse my mistakes.

If you give us a small program that expects something simple then we can run it on all boards and compare for you.

@ Gus - Thank you very much for being interested.

I’m using the project ‘‘DiscoverWifiNetworksExample’’, downloaded from

Just add this case when the device is configured. (WifiAdapter.cs)

            case InterfaceProfile.G400_Socket_1:
                InitAdapter(name, SPI.SPI_module.SPI2, GHI.Hardware.G400.Pin.PB0, GHI.Hardware.G400.Pin.PB5, GHI.Hardware.G400.Pin.PA7, ExceptionOnStartFailure, ConnectToStoredProfile);

and call ‘‘WifiAdapter’’ as G400_Socket_1

My CC3000 module is connected to the Raptor by socket 1 like this,

1_ VCC-----------VCC
2_ Not Connected
3_ PB0-----------IRQ
4_ PA7-----------ENABLE
5_ PA8-----------Not Connected
6_ PB5-----------CS
7_ PA22-----------DIN
8_ PA21-----------DOUT
9_ PA23-----------CLK

Left side are G400 pins, right side are CC3000 pins.