Caveat with new IoT build 14366!

If you get the last build preview 14366 through the windows update, probably you can’t use I2C and SPI anymore … so FEZ Cream or FEZ Hat are broken.

Big mess from MS … wait for a fix or rollback to previous build !! Damned …

When is IoT Core actually planned to be production ready?

What ports do you need to block to avoid the automatic updates? Thanks

Until now, no fix, no new build.

Note that if you flash previous build 14342 it immediatelly update the board to 14366 breaking the FEZ Cream projects. Very frustating …
Thinking to go linux+mono again…

Just remember, you’re on an insider build not on a released, stable, version. You’re getting new features and capabilities, but there’s a flip side…

@ Brett - you are right … This is the dark side of the beta to the general public… :whistle:

Anyway it seems new bug fixed 14366 build is now available for download. You Need a complete sd card reflash

I had to install W10 iot core on an rpi3 and play with it for the first time in several months for a proof of concept the other day. It has really come along. It is nice that the integrated wifi for the rpi3 works well now.