Catalog should specify USB type

Since there is now some mix of mini and micro USB, can the listings be updated to indicate which it is on each? I see the new EDP power module looks like a micro, I can’t quite tell which the battery power module uses. I got the Cerbuino Net and when I went to use it I was surprised (pleasantly) that I needed a micro cable instead of a mini. I like the move from mini over to micro since it uses the same cable as my phone, just would like it to be more explicitly stated on the product description.

The EDP is micro. The older battery module is not.

Thanks ianlee74. It would be nice to just have that information in the catalog though.

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Tbs ultimate goal is to slowly replace all with a micro connector. Since we provide the cable in most, if not all, cases, all devices are usable on arrival. We will still try to detail more meanwhile.