Case for Raspberry Pi and FEZ Hat

Looking for a case that would hold a Raspberry Pi and FEZ Hat. Has anyone found one? I got the Official Raspberry Pi (Red/White) case and that one doesn’t even fit. The S1 and S2 connectors on the FEZ Hat get in the way.

I’m not aware of any full cases that would accommodate the FEZ HAT. I have a simple split case that works OK, if I only use the bottom half of the case.

You might check Thingiverse or other repositories of 3D models and see if someone has made 3D-printable cases for use with various HATs.

So now you need to ask what 3d printer should you buy :slight_smile:

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Just draw one up in illustrator, and send it to

Actually, Maybe I’ll design one for the Pi with FezHat myself


hardly the spirit of DIY? :slight_smile:

yeah if I had a regular use for Pi+HAT I would also think about doing that

I’ve not used them for 3D printing, but Ponoko can be a good option for laser-cut acrylic if you don’t have cheaper access to a laser cutter (which most folks don’t).

I used them for one of my Gadgeteer enclosures (the Gadgeteer team had uploaded plans for the Gadgeteer arcade enclosure), including customizing it with an extra button. Still use it in demos.

Biggest thing to watch for if you’re using someone else’s enclosure plans is ensuring you get the right thickness of acrylic. Otherwise, things may not work out on clearances for fasteners and such.

Anyway, Ponoko is no less DIY than buying an off-the-shelf case for your Pi, no?

@ devhammer - Was looking for a solution that was already created.

@ mtylerjr - I don’t have illustrator or any creative skills when it comes to graphics. That would be great if you did it. :slight_smile:

I have the FEZ Cream mounted on a Pi which is on the back of the 7" display. It needs a cover that fits into the slots of the display case (which was laser cut acrylic). I could also come up with a case that fits without the display. I tend towards laser cut acrylic with some nuts and bolts versus 3D printing, but could be convinced. I need a weather resistant 3d printed enclosure for a headless Pi as well.

Regardless, I have access to both laser cutter and 3D printer (with limited experience on the latter) and would game for working with someone to bang out a few prototype designs. We could put them on Thingiverse once satisfied with the results.

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