Car black box tracker project?

Dear all,
anyone have an idea about someone who is working on a car black box project?
Which records cars activity, gps position, etc…? and allow monitoring the speed, direction position remotely?

sounds pretty easy. Except for the car monitoring bit - as long as you don’t want CAN based information like fuel economy and throttle position, you just want GPS position and calculated info like speed it’ll be much easier.

All you need is a Fez (pick one you have or one you would like to have) and a GPS module and a cellular module. Fez reads GPS data. Fez sends GPS data to a web service (say Pachube or similar; could also just be SMS to you or email to you).

as a related note…

Now I doubt that will use .netmf :smiley:

Take a look at this module that can help in the project you are describing: