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Capture Video/Displaying?


Just wondering what you guys do for Video?

And video I mean, do you guys always use some sort of camera and process it to view it on a display locally or interface with a computer to view it on a monitor.

Right now for my application I am working on I hacked together some code for a Windows Form Application that I use a Video Capture device (composite) to display the feed, but just wondering what other methods/ways to do it. ( It also displays Panda temperature readings and sends joystick readings to Panda).

I am getting close to wrapping up my project which I will post to get feedback, but just looking for video feedback from others.

Mike in MN


Have used the TVVideoGrabber SDK before. Just seems to work. I tried the other winforms control based one but removed it. This can capture multiple streams to drive, expose network endpoints, drive camera motors, playback, etc. You can try out eval version for long as you need iirc.


Thanks William. Will look into it.

Long term thinking about a local display with maybe a MicroController to possibly render a video, I am sure that will be some research. But right now just thinking about a laptop.

Video seems to be the most complex part of dealing with little self contained devices.

Mike in MN