Can't upload file/image to TinyCLR Code?

It appears Internet Explorer 9 has issues with file uploads. Putting IE9 into compatibility mode temporarily will allow you to upload the file, but it may break other features so I don’t advise staying in it. A Google search doesn’t reveal too much, but the issue found here sounds similar to the problems we’ve faced.

Funny how they just blame MS without even looking into the problem. I’ve always found when problems like this crop up it is because the programmer made some assumptions that don’t always work and it might only fail every once in a while in one browser while it might fail more often in another. It is very, very common to load a webpage and get javascript errors but the page still seems to work. If the programmer does not bother to work out all these bugs then there is a very good chance it will cause a problem.

The only upload/download problem I have had with IE9 was that it would not want to download files. The built in download manager would die. Looking through the forums I saw a few posts from MS where they found that sometimes something got screwed up when you did an update from IE8 to IE9. I solved it by going removing IE9 (Control Panel->Programs and Features->Turn Windows features on/off. I then rebooted and reinstalled it through Windows features and all is now well.