Can't update firmware on FEZ Spider

I keep getting the attached error when I try to update the firmware. How can I resolve this?

I tried using mfdeploy, but that is also failing. What am I missing here?

I think the last attempt to update the firmware actually stopped the device from even showing up at all now. I can’t even connect to it anymore. This is incredibly frustrating…

So I guess my question has now changed to “how do I get my device back”? Nothing happens when I plug it in now. It no longer show in the device manager anywhere.

I can access the EMX_EMX module but again can’t update it… see attached image.

What do you see under device manager?

@ Gus this is what I see in device manager, if i put the device in to “tinyboot mode”.

Please go back to the very first post and set the switches how it shows in the image then plug in your board. What do you see on device manager. You should see COM port. From there you will update just fine.

I think you missed those in first step.

And this is what device manager looks like when it’s in “loader mode”

aha, that is the problem. Please point windows to the loader drivers in GHI SDK folder.

Is this windows 8?

I can now see the “GHI Boot Loader Interface (COM6)” but it has an error code 10. (see image)

Also the firmware update still cant connect to the device.

The updater will not work if the driver didn’t work. You didn’t answer my question about windows 8. See GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

Try different ports/hubs to see if windows will be able to load the drivers properly.

Ah, sorry - this is actually windows 7.

It should work fine on windows 7. Try different hub/port please.

Gus you are a genius! I was going through my monitor’s USB hub. I tried a direct USB plug to my computer and that actually gave some different behavior. The driver installed successfully and I was able to update the firmware too.

Thanks for the help here, much appreciated.