Can't run FEZCOnfig without SDK installation

I tried to setup a computer to use FEZConfig without installing the SDK.

I need this to work, so I can use it on computers in the field (which are part of our system) as a backup FW and app update solution (and of course to be able to update the loader in the field).

I’ve managed to installed the driver as described here:
Works perfectly, my G120 is correctly detected in debug and loader mode :clap:

Then I copied the complete FEZConfig folder from an other machine, where the latest SDK was installed to this one.
But I get several errors on startup, which I can ignore.
But when I go to Firmware update, I get another exception, which I can also ignore, but it does not go on :frowning:

Reading the call stacks from the exceptions I guess FEZ Config looks for the firmware folders in the installation directory, which does in fact not exist.

It would really be great if FEZConfig just accepts this without complaining about unhandled exceptions, and if FW update is started, it could ask for the firmware location.
Same for loader update.

I know this is not an major priority at GHI, but with this, using FEZConfig without installing the SDK would just work.


@ Reinhard Ostermeier - We will look into handling the standalone use case better in a future release.