Can't run app on FEZ Hydra from VS2012

I’m using VS2013 Community on Win 7 Pro without any issues.

Have you tried reinstalling GHI’s Netmf & Gadgeteer package?

What ???

Now I’ve got the same issue ???

Normal mode OK, in loader mode no recognized device, no com, no sam-ba_cdc.exe selectable device ???

I think, there is a missing driver or driver issue from the AT91SAM9RL64 towards the PC.

Now I’m wondering how the hell did I get the firmware etc. on my hydra+

Somebody got a link to the old sam-ba full software update procedure, the one not included with the latest SDKs ??

[Edit] - No idea why I can’t upload images anymore, it doesn’t show up for me ???

[Edit2] - Maybe it works via this link -

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@ Scott - But on the other hand I downloaded a “atm6124 USB CDC signed driver for Windows (XP, Vista, Win7, Win8)” driver from Smart | Connected | Secure | Microchip Technology and the board showed up as “AT91 USB to Serial Converter (COM9)” and is detectable by the sam-ba_cdc.exe. Now the update should work as well, don’t forget to execute this with elevated/administrator rights.

Just download the zip, unpack the two files somewhere and install the inf file by right-click and select install. You should get an OK message and if you look in your devices you should see a com device.

Hope this helps, it sure did me.

What … again no pictures … what is wrong here ???

[Edit] - Maybe it works via this link -

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testing images

mine work, better luck next time

@ MRTFEREN - I’ve posted with images & videos before … maybe my to be used volume is used and I’m not allowed anything but text to post.

Well, I hope somebody from GHI is reading this and explaining why it is the way it is !

@ PiWi -
Did you sign up for automatic pixel renewal? I saw one site that wouldn’t post an image if you were out of just one RGB value.

BTW - I remember that there was a “trick” involved for posting from onedrive or dropbox.

I will post it if I can find it.

Found it. It’s about dropbox, but it may apply to onedrive, too. How to directly link to or embed Dropbox images on a website or blog post

@ PiWi - thanks for the link to the drivers. Once I installed those, I could see the board in loader mode come up as COM6. Then I could ping the board and load .NET MF. After that, no trouble deploying and running my project from VS2012.

Thanks for all the help.