Can't load firmware for UC5550


Today, I have upgraded the WIFI firmware on my UC5550 Dev Board
Upgrade was successful but I reload my firmware

If I press Sys A - Reset : board appears as STMDevice in DFU mode
If I press Sys B - Reset it appears as COM and I can Erase - Reload the bootloader (2.04)
After board reset, the UC5550 never appears in the Debug TAB of the TinyCLR Config. I have a COM3 and get a communication failure

I could finally after severto reload the firmware using Tera Term. The Tera Term

So Firmware is finally uploaded using Tera Term. But still unable to connect with the board with the TinyCLR Config or Visual studio (Please check your hardware) . Any hints on that ?

What do you see in device manager?

And Nothing if I press reset

Doesn’t look like you have the firmware loaded. Go to the loader tab on the config tool and click update to latest.

It is loaded but it doesn’t appear in the Debug and VS


That is the loader not the firmware. Click the update to latest button.

This is what I have done !!

Found that the latest bootloader version for the UC5550 on the download section is 2.0.5. The update using the ‘Update to Latest’ is 2.0.4.
I did a manual Update and got the v2.0.5 installed.
From there, the UC5550_UC5550 appeared in the Debug Tab and I could update the firmware.



Solved :slight_smile: working again

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and thanks for your help Gus!

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Always happy to help