Cant get the camera demo to work


I am sorry if this is a bit basic as a problem but I have just received a Gadgeteer spider kit and have followed the “getting started” instructions to connect the camera, display and a button and get them to take a picture and display it.

The problem is that after about an hour of working I have got the assembly to take a picture once and even after modifying the code for timed picture taking as per the walk through only got it to work twice in this mode.

It seems that everything is very very slow in that when it works it only did so after many many button presses.

I have spotted that there is a DLL fix for the button issue and have applied that with no effect.

In single picture mode the button LED goes out when the button is pressed but never lights again.

In timed picture mode the button LED eventually lights very brightly but then wont go out again.

As far as I can see I have the latest firmware and visual csharp express version. I downloaded everything tonight.

Any ideas?



After you applied the patch for the button module, have you deleted the bin and obj folder of the project? Because Visual Studio mantains a cache of the referenced assemblies, so even if you have applied the patch, your Gadgeteer application still uses the old version.

Thanks you very much, I think that you have cracked the problem.


Not sure that deleting the bin and obj folders will solve the problem. More important is to remove the reference to GTM.GHIElectronics.Button in the References folder, and re-adding it. Then rebuild the project, and you should be good to go…

Actually, I just deleted the project and created a new one and it worked. The example code was very short and I just cut and pasted it into a new project. So I cheated really.

Thanks for all your help and suggestions.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: