Can't deploy Cerberus

Hi guys,

I’m here like every week.
After update my Cerberus mainboard following these instructions:

I was ready to debug a tiny program, however I could not. When I hit “deploy”, the message “Preparing to deploy assemblies to the device.” remains forever.
I’m sure that my program is not the source of the problem because it never runs.

I find something similar in the forum

In my case, when I do ping, the MFDeploy returns TinyBooter.

What do you suggest?

This is it :slight_smile: Your device has tinybooter loaded but no firmware on it yet. You now need to load the firmware, using mfdeploy, select files and click deploy.

This is one of these awkward moments. I thought that firmware was uploaded.
Thanks. You will have your feedback soon.

BTW if you still have the issue after you follow GUS’s instruction try the following, it seems to work for me when my Spider starts acting up… i think it is a USB Driver issue…

once you see the message “Preparing to deploy assemblies to the device.” wait two seconds and hit reset on the board… which will allow it to continue…adn deploy…

hope this helps.

Sorry people, downloaded the firmware, I still have the same issues.

Jay Jay, I use to do your technique with Hydra board, but today is not working with Cerberus.

The firmware version is TinyBooter_4_2_0_1

MFDeploy says:

Pinging… TinyBooter
Bootloader build info: Copyright © GHI Electronics, LLC

VS2010 says:

Preparing to deploy assemblies to the device.

This is all the information I have.

Should I download another version?

You need to use MFDeploy to load the Cerberus firmware to the board the same way that you would with the Hydra. Go to MFDeploy then go to image files and select the image files from C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI OSHW NETMF v4.2 SDK\FEZ Cerberus\Firmware\tinyclr.hex. Once you deploy the files you should be good to go. The previous release of Cerberus did not include the TinyBooter. You cannot deploy to a device that only has TinyBooter.

Thanks you again.

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