Can't create Console Application


I download and installed all the packages by the FEZ Tutorial, but when I go to File->New Project and try to create a new Micro Framework->Consol Application I get the following error message:
"The project type isn’t supported by this installation"
Any suggestions?


Maybe you installed VS2010 but you need VS2008.

VS2010 will be supported in about 2 months

I looked up the Microsoft website and VS2008 is at this link
then click on the “Visual Studio 2008 Express” tab

Let us know if this works for you

I installed VS2008.
I remove it and reinstall it several times but without success.
I continue to receive this annoying message “The project type isn’t supported by this installation”

This is very frustrating that I bought FEZ domino kit and can’t do anything with it.


Did you try another computer?

I wish I have another computer in my home.

If you followed the tutorial and installed VS2008 then installed the Microsoft NETMF SDK 4.0 and then installed the GHI NETMF SDK then you will not have any problems.

If no luck then your windows installation is messed up, you will need to reformat your PC. Or try to remove all installations related to VisulStudio (including VB) then restart your PC and then try to go back to the tutorial and follow the instructions.

I’ll try that