Cannot update Raptor Loader

Visual Studio 2013 Pro
Windows 10 (Updated using Microsoft - MediaCreationToolx64.exe)
GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2015 R1 Pre-Release 4

I cannot update the Loader…
( G400 PA11 Socket 3 Pin 8 - Ground )
I receive COM Port - (Bossa Program Port)

First I’ll ask - What is the BAUD rate used by FEZ-Config.exe - 9600 or 115200 ?

I assume that ATMEL sam-ba is still used but it is no longer available in my Windows 10 (As far as I can tell)

I see that the batch file is checking the Registry for samba 2.12.
ATMEL is now listing 2.15 and I’m not sure what should be used for Windows 10.

I’ll leave it at… What should I do?


@ willgeorge - The samba program is still used to update the G400 loader. Pre-release 4 still installs it. While 2.15 is the most recent version, our SDK still ships with 2.12.

@ John -

And about the proper BAUD to use for the serial port?

I did a search of my C: folder and all I find is what is in the CAP file attached.

I’ll try re-installing the SDK (Removed first then run installer again)