Cannot debug: "The debugging target is not in an initialized state; rebooting..." - please help


I have just received my first .net gadgeteer cerberus mainboard. Trying to setup a simple demo with one line of code. int i = 5;
Trying to debug via visual studio 2010 C# Express but all i receive is "The debugging target is not in an initialized state; rebooting and then visual studio stops rebooting. The mainboard is fine, i can extract info via mfdeploy tool. I have tried to reset the mainboard via a button on the mainboard but it does not work. I have also reinstalled the sdk for .net micro framework 4.1 and 4.2.

I have no clue of what to do, please help ?

Update the firmware to the latest.
Try a powered hub.
Make sure it is a 4.2 project.
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@ robnyg84 - also do you have VMware installed?

Yes I have vmware but not installed on my computer.
What idea did you have in mind ?

@ robnyg84 - VMWare can cause issues with deployment and sometimes turning off “VMware USB Arbitration Service” fixes things…


I followed the article on this page:
to put new firmware onto the device but no luck. Now I cannot even communicate with the device with mfdeploy tool.
it says “Connecting to …Failure - Device is invalid or not responding”.

I gues the next thing to do is to throw the mainboard in the waste bin. Please help if you have some tip ?

@ robnyg84 - It defiantly isn’t a case of in the bin…

Have you tried a powered usb2 hub?

Any time you have an issue with not being able to connect to a netmf device, it’s worth showing us what you can see in Device Manager. That way we can see what state the bootloader and netmf firmware seem to be in. Please show us a screen shot of what you’re seeing. It’s probably worth telling us how the firmware update failed too, if you can remember?


Nope i have not tried a powered usb hub.

I will make a screenshot of how mfdeploy looks but for the time being nothing is displayed in the list (mfdeploy).
I did get success with the tool that erased firmware… it said “success”.

Thanks for the help.

@ robnyg84 - did you do both tinybootloader and tinyclr?

Also make sure in step 3 and 4 you follow the instructions carefully with erase and download.

May be’ that for some reason the board is flashed with Ethernet firmware ?

Device Manager screenshot please ! It seems like the firmware erase process has occurred and now you need to install the firmware - but to prove that show us what Device Manager sees (most likely in the “Ports (COM & LPT)” section)

Here is an attached image of mfdeploy.

@ robnyg84 - Thats like the response i got on mine when i didnt follow the instructions to the letter on upgrading the firmware - think i did step 3 wrong,


Thank you all folks for helping me.
Firstly I followed the instructions again on the link above in the conversation and secondly I tried the non ethernet firmware and flashed it to the cerberus mainboard.
It worked the second time I tried this procedure. But I must say that the debugging problem arise when I try to use an Oled display (ghi electronics).
and use display some text then the application quits in viausl studio but if I remove alla references to oleddisplay then my hello world program works.

This subject is closed. Thank you for your help.

Great to hear you’re working again. You can mark off a post as a solution to your question when possible


I have the same problem with Cerbuino, but my firmware looks right …
MFdeploy is ok, I’am with firmware and when I try to debug … " The debugging target is not an …
I try to change usb port is the same …

Thanks for your help

Finally I think my problem is not exactly the same…
It’s just because of the Toolbox.NETMF

I created this new topics :