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CANCELLED: The First FEZ Poker Tournament - Sunday April 3rd at 4PM EDST (2000UTC)


I am pleased to announce the first FEZ Texas Hold-Em poker tournament.

Time to put your FEZs aside and try something different!

The tournament is scheduled for Sunday April 3rd at 4PM EDST (2000UTC).

The tournament will be played on the training site for PokerStars, the largest online poker casino. POKERSTARS.NET is a play money site, no real money can be used. When you join, you are given a $1000 of play money, which will be replaced if you lose it.

While it will not cost you any money to play, there are real prizes to be won. GHI has agreed to provide several gift coupons for the top winners.

You don’t know how to play Texas Hold-Em? PokerStars has a free poker school. There is plenty of time, before the tournament, to learn how to play and practice. We will be playing No Limit poker, just like the games you see on television.

PokerStars has a feature called “Home Games”. This feature allows anyone to create a private poker club, and invite their friends. Games can be scheduled for the club, which only members may play. I have created the “FEZ Poker Club”.

How do you get into the tournament?

The first step is to install the PokerStars software, which runs on Microsoft and Mac machines. Go to to download the software.

The second step is to create an account. This can be done through the software. When you select a username, I suggest you use the form “fez_XXX” where XXX is your tinyclr forum username. My PokerStars user name is “fez_mike”. Once you have installed the software, you can access the poker school and start practicing.

The next step is to join the FEZ Poker Club. To join the club, you will need the club ID number and invitation code. Once you have an account on PokerStars, you should email your user id to me at the address below. I will then send you the necessary information to join the club. Once I have accepted you into the club, you will be able to register for the tournament.

The email to send you user id is: fezmike at

You must be a member of the tinyclr forum to win a prize.

Good luck at the table!



I look forward to see how many are interested. Note how time may not be good for some timezones.


It is impossible to get a time that is good for everyone. I choose a time that would be good for North and South America and Europe.

If we have enough interest, we can appoint additional club managers who can schedule tournaments for the Pacific Rim.

Would it be a good idea to make this thread a sticky?


Woot! Gonna take Chris to the virtual cleaners! 8)


Last time I was in a Texas Holdem, I slaughtered like 25-30 engineers…


I’ll try to make some free time to be there…


I have not received a lot of feedback about the tournament. Please let me know if you are planning to participate. :think:


I would LOVE to join, but unfortunately time is a problem on this side :frowning:

My free time is kind of limited right now, big software project for school… :frowning:


It looks like we are too busy with our FEZs to demonstrate our poker skills. :wink:

At this moment I am only one who has registered for the poker tournament.

If anyone intends to play, please let me know. You will have to follow the procedure, described in my original post, to be invited into the FEZ club and then register for the event.

If I don’t get any response by tomorrow night, New Jersey USA time, I will be cancelling the tournament.




We lost all our money to GHI. Nothing left to gamble with.
It’s probably better that way.


I would like to thank all those who decided not to participate in the First FEZ Poker Tournament!

Since I had planned on playing poker on Sunday, and the FEZ tournament was cancelled, I decided to go to Atlantic City, NJ and play in a tournament.

Thank you all for the $1000 I won in the tournament. :smiley:


$1000!! Holly Monkey!


Yes, poker can be profitable!

But, I took my wife…

$1000 - wifeShopping - niceDinner = ~$0


smart wife :clap:


Just curious!
How long did it take to win this big $1000??


[quote]How long did it take to win this big $1000??

There were 29 players in the tournament. I took a ltitle more than four hours.

I have played in tournaments with 120 players and it took almost eight hours.

Actually, $1000 is not a lot in a tournament. Atlantic City is feeling the economy and competition form new casinos in neighboring states (PA, DE and NY), so the 29 turnout was small.

In the tournament yesterday, we did something called a “chop”.

With 29 players, three players are paid. First place was about $1450, second $850 and third 500$
When there were three of us left, we decided to stop playing and divided the total pot. I was slightly ahead of one player and significantly ahead of the third. We decided to split $1000, $1000 and $800.

My best payday was an equal chop with six players where I received $1800.


Considered kind of Fast earn $1000 in about four hour, some people needed a week for that amount.

Well, There is a saying in Thailand, " Fast earn, Fast loose!" ???


[quote]Considered kind of Fast earn $1000 in about four hour, some people needed a week for that amount.

Sam, should I apologize? :wink:


Nooooo, nothing personal! Sorry to mistakening you.
Why apologize you did nothing wrong, you earn it?