Can you resist this?

See this picture and tell you do not want one!

Yes it is capacitive multi-touch, yes it is 7" and yes it is awesome!

… of to playing with it :slight_smile:

PS: Are you seeing the “G”? :slight_smile:

Evil. Make it for sale!

Is it something GHI designed? :o

Did you see the touch buttons in the upper right corner? :slight_smile: We have been working with multiple companies for long months on finding you guys the best display out there. This maybe it.

yes - Android. So you just evaluating one of them. Ok


Nice! when and how much? ;D

That is some nice looking display. I believe in love at first sight again!

When can we pre-order? :wink:

As Arte Johnson would say, ‘very interesting’ and great I just came up with another 6 project ideas because of it. Kindle, Kobo perpare to be defeated in combat…

Quit teasing… It’s beautiful.