Can you help me buy the right gear

So, I am a Student starting a project with the Fez mini Robot, and I’d really appreciate help with deciding what to buy.

the products I have purchased are:
FEZ Mini robot kit
FEZ Ultimate Kit
USB Host Module (through lack of research).

The project I am starting is to connect a couple of wireless USB mice to the robot, so I can accurately track its movements. However I have come to realise I may need another main board to process the USB data out put of the mice, possibly the FEZ Cerbuino Bee, however I’d still like to use the functionality of the FEZ touch (v1.0)screen which this board seems like It wouldn’t support. is there a way I can use both, without having a third device. what would be your recommendations ?

Many thanks

Your panda can be connected to a USB mouse :slight_smile:

See this and welcome to the community

Hi Dan, welcome to the forum

As Gus says, it would seem that with the USB Host cable mod you can get your Panda to read the USB mouse inputs. But my question comes from what you want to achieve.

Today your bot is run by Fez Mini, correct? Are you then hoping to have the data from the mouse as a form of “encoder data” that will let you figure out where in space the bot is located? If so, once you get that data, what do you want to do with it? Transmit it somewhere? Record to SD card? just display it on the Fez Touch shield that is sitting remote to the bot? Integrate the location back to the control mechanism for the bot itself?

A scenario I can see working is the Mini running the bot control, the bot having the mouse duct-taped to it. Then the Panda is being the “base station” and using USB Host to get mouse info and displaying it on the screen. That is all something that sounds achievable. But doing any more than that, for example feedback on position from Panda to bot is not something you can do with what you have, but if you weren’t looking to do that, you should be fine without anything else.

Sorry about the delayed response, thanks for the replies.

Yes I’m building on to the FEZ mini, I am hoping to send the data to my PC(eventually via the internet), then my PC will send finalised data to the Touch shield (also eventually over the internet), so from either device I can send commands to the bot. however the bot shall automate around the room until such command is sent.

also I’d like to know when the tutorial says to change debugging to serial, what does it mean, and how do I connect it after for deployment etc.

Thank you