Can the OLED display video

I’m investigating using the Gadgeteer platform to display multiple video feeds on small form factor displays. I have a Fez Spider with a T35 LCD ( and it works well for displaying images from a camera attached to the same board however given it needs the RGB sockets I’m limited to one per board and I’d also like a smaller screen size.

So does anyone know if the OLED display ( be capable of displaying images from a camera on the same board and if so at roughly what frame rate?

Hi aaronc,

The OLED display is really slow in video terms. I’ve been using it a little with skewworks’ excellent PicoMax library and at a guess you’d be lucky to do 2fps.

It’s really much better suited to an information display with slowly changing elements.

I’m happy to be shut down for this opinion if anyone has examples of the OLED working super fast :slight_smile:

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If you store raw images on an SD card then feed right to the display then you should be able to play video

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Agreed. If you store it in flat 565 you should be able to stream the images at ~>=12FPS