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Can System.Xml or System.Xml.Legacy be used with Domino


Got all my SD code working well now trying some XML text file reading…

A non-NETMF project reads the XML file fine, FEZ deploy either:

  1. Gives ‘not supported’ exception when calling XmlReader.Create() (System.Xml)

  2. Get ‘out of memory’ exception calling xml.Read() (System.Xml.Legacy…xml created with XmlTextReader.Create())

    The XML file is 227 bytes…pretty basic…


I do not think we support XML on FEZ(USBizi). I will double check with our team and make this clear in documentations


I checked and currently we do not support XML on FEZ(USBizi). It is supported though on the bigger devices like EMX and ChipworkX.

We will study if adding it to FEZ(USBizi) is important and maybe adding it in future.


Sort of suspected that…my XML usage is so simple I’ll try writing my own reader for FEZ…

Must say…quick response…and on a Sunday (here in the US)…


Nice project, we look forward to see more.

By the way, the NETMF XML implementation is somewhat complete so, it doesn’t matter if your XML file is small or large, it will still need the XML library. We would need to do some testing to make sure the XML library will fit/work on FEZ(USBizi). XML is a nice feature to have but if it is going to use a lot of memory then maybe we shouldn’t add it.

I will update you once I know something from our team


Please visit this link and download file, unzip and load on your FEZ Domino. Then XML will magically work!

You will be using System.XML (do not use legacy)


First test worked…

I’ll keep playing with it…

Thanks for the quick help…


Yeah… it is “Freakin’ Easy!”