Can StorageDriver class be extracted from TFS nuget?


First : thank you for integrating “our” TFS implementation. Credits also go to Chris Taylor (Taylorza) because a huge part of the work is from him.

But… our implementation relies on an Storage abstract class (renamed to StorageDriver by GHI) that provides needed informations like Capacity, Sector size and many other useful infos.

And this StorageDriver class is used by all our memory chips drivers : Flash, Eeprom, SRam, etc… All of them implement the abstract methods/functions of this class so that they can be used directly with TFS if needed but also be used as standalone memory modules, to save some data without using any filesystem.

Right now, this would mean that we have to include the whole TFS nuget, which is a quite big module, for a simple memory driver. This is not a really efficient way of doing things in the embedded world, to me.

So, may I ask that this StorageDriver class is put somewhere else, where it does not cost too much memory ?

I’ve opened an issue, just in case.

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there is TinyCLR.Device.StorageController can do that, I believe.

I’ve just replied in the issue :slight_smile:

Let me summarize : to me, StorageDriver is a generic interface (a class, in reality), so it should not be tied to a particular implementation. TFS, in this case.

By letting StorageDriver outside of any implementation, a single memory driver can be used by TFS or standalone.