Can someone provide me a database server?

Hello all,

For school we have to develop a piece of software connected to a database server. The project before we all used a local access generated sql file to connect to.

Now we would like to use a dedicated database server. I know some of you have some servers running and I was hoping someone could help me out.

I would like to use one of these packages:

Thanks a lot!

Robert just contact me by email and i try to help you :wink:

Access?! :o

Do people still use it?

How about MySQL:

Thanks Niels, sent you an email!

@ Architect:
These are my options (see attachment). Oh and that site has an Internal Server Error :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I am sure that MySQL has ODBC connector/driver you just need to find and install it.
The site was just a quick google search. :wink: I have not used it myself.

Why not just install MS SQL Server Express on your PC? Its free and much easier to use than MySQL (IMHO.)

As for Access, it is still widely used and has its place. A friend of mine at the university had a student working on trying to set up a simple database in some idiotic Mac database program (Mac is naturally better at everythign my butt!). After a year they gave up as it would never work right. The same student recreated the whole thing in Access in about three weeks. It works great for their in house use and has a low administrative overhead.

I do have it installed. The whole trick is that a dedicated database would grant us more flexibility. :stuck_out_tongue:

By “dedicated database”, I assume you a dedicated server.

If so, can’t you just install MS SQL Express on a dedicated system and use that as your server?

You could potentially just copy your existing mdf & ldf files to that new system and attach the database. There are version issues sometimes, thus the “potentially”.

I understand. But the problem is that none of us has a server/PC to use as server available to use for this project… :frowning:

Thus I was hoping someone could help me out. As I know some of you have backup/SVN/FTP servers…?

So there is a group of you needing access to the same DB? You don’t have to have a ‘server’ to use/share MS SQL Express. If you have a PC that everyone can connect to that is all that is needed.

None of our PCs on campus have external access anymore so I can’t help out.

That would work OK when we all are at school, but not when we are working from home.

Me and some others work from home, the rest mostly works at school.

Mysql sucks pretty hard, but it’s not difficult to use compared to mssql. As long as you use phpmyadmin with it, that is :smiley:

When using MySQL, you should consider using the managing tool Navicat for MySQL.

Two free full featured options from MS. SqlExpress or Sql Compact.
Sql compact is an in-proc database, so it runs in process with your app and is deployed with your app. Good for many senerios. SqlExpress would be next step up. Both very good, well documented and supported. Also both support ADO.Net entity framework. For that EF alone, I would go with one of those. They also blend in nicely with ADO.Net Data Services and surface your database easily with REST api.


Sql Compact 4.0

So I am thinking that Robert’s real request is that he needs a known target that stays “alive” and fixed on the network, for his distributed team to use. Options to have it local probably aren’t going to get you further, are they? Have you thought about using Dynamic DNS and client software for a PC that might move about?

You can use Compact over net, you just host it in a server wrapper such as DataServices or IIS ASP.Net. This 2nd tier business layer is typical and better then direct access to an open native sql port.


No, I did not think about that. I think I will ask the rest of the team about what they want. :think:

Thanks all!

That was a very good idea. I have been using for years to have a URL that always points to my home desktop. I also use them now for domain registrations.