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Can RLP be used on all FEZ boards or do I need the EMX modul?


So thats the question. Thats all.


All of them


Gus, Josh, perhaps the compare page isn’t easy to find - in fact I can’t find it from the Catalog at all, I had to use my history page where I looked at it in the last week.


Brett, It used to be hard to find, but now GHI has put a link to it on the first page of their store at the bottom of the big image:


still, it needs to be found in the left-menu or at the bottom of the grid layout when you’re looking - and it also needs to be called out as COMPARE not only “find out which board is for you” (which to me should be some form of wizard that allows you to select features that eliminates boards that don’t meet your needs)


Yes, I agree. Also it would be nice if it included the EMX and ChipWorkX Development systems.