Can not start FEZ Panda II project in Visual Studio 2012

I just upgraded to dotnet MF 4.3 and Visual Studio 2012.

However I noticed that when I tried to create a new Micro Framework Project, none of the usual FEZ main board types can be seen on the right hand side( even though when I do it for Gadgeteer, then it it works fine.)

Does this mean that if I want to develop application for my Panda II, I will still have to use Visual Studio 2010? Or did I perhaps not install everything I was supposed to?

While on the subject of the Panda II, as a newcomer to the whole dotnetMF environment, I found it quite difficult to find good examples and documentation on how to to get started developing on the Panda. It is obviously not nearly as well documented as the Gadgeteer stuff. Or maybe I just did not look in the right places? Can anyone recommend a good place to look for info on how to develop on the Panda II?

We have removed the templates. Just start with a NETMF console application.

Did you read the Beginner’s Guide?

Thanks. As a matter of fact… I did not. This would be very useful to me.

Made me think of the great engineering motto… “If all else fails… read the manual”! LOL

You’re welcome!

That’s a nice way of wording it :wink:

Also I just discovered GHI’s excellent documentation: