Can not Interrupted when changed state of the input port

Hello all.

My device can not interrupt when changed state of the input port.
State of the port is changed from High to Low. But, interruption doesn’t occured. I have confirmed that the port number is correct.
Would someone tell me repair method?

※ Development board: Fez Raptor
※ Version information >>> BootLoader=4.3.6 Firmware=4.3.5
※ I am not good at English.

Best regards!

void GpioInterrupt(unsigned int pin, unsigned int pinState, void* param)
DebugPrint(__FILE__, __LINE__, "GpioInterrupt --start--");
DebugPrint_Int(__FILE__, __LINE__, "interrupt pin", pin);
DebugPrint_Int(__FILE__, __LINE__, "interrupt pin state", pinState);
DebugPrint(__FILE__, __LINE__, "GpioInterrupt --end--");

int Initialize_GpioInterrupt(void** args)
	RLP_InterruptInputPinArgs ia;
	ia.GlitchFilterEnable = RLP_FALSE;
	unsigned int ans = RLP->GPIO.EnableInterruptInputMode(8, &ia, GpioInterrupt, NULL);
	return (ans == RLP_FALSE ? -1 : 0);

Can I ask have you tested this in pure netmf on the same pin, and does that work ?

@ Brett - I’m so very sorry!!
I had forgot to call the function of c language from netmf.
I have solved this problem.
Thank you very much!!

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