Can NETMF boot on pc, run code from microSD

Is it possible to, using glide, run NETMF on a computer, like boot to it from a disk or usb?
Also can NETMF run c# code from say, a microsd card. Also can it run RLP(that c/assembly thing) code from a microsd card?

What? Glide is a GUI framework for NETMF. Has nothing to do with booting.

It is possible to run pre-compiled NETMF C# or RLP programs off a SD card. C# programs involve application domains.

Glide would be the graphics I thought

You still have me confused. If you are asking if you can boot MF on a PC, you could if you did a custom build targeted at the PC. Lot’s of work to get all the drivers and hardware adaption layer. A more basic question is why would anyone want to do it?

answer to question one: NO
answer to question two: YES

Thanks! Ill look into how that’s done

Check out Skewworks work. A lots of hours went into his work…

Look the sample code posted there to learn how to load PE assemblies from file.


That’s a massive understatement. Microcontrollers are designed to make initialization easy. PCs are not. The amount of initialization code you’d have to write would be very significant.