Can I used MathEx on a Cerb40 and where can I find it?

I’m trying to do some floating point math operation (Log2) and found this reference to the MathEx class but I can’t seem to find the dlls…

Any idea where I can find it and will it work on a Cerb40?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Are you trying to do log2 in TinyCLR, NETMF v4.2, or NETMF v4.3?

Hi John, its NETMF 4.3

NETMF v4.3 itself added the math functions, so we didn’t carry our version forward. You can find them under System.Math in mscorlib. Note that only log base 10 and log base e (ln, natural log) are available. If you need log base 2, you’ll need to use the change of base formula

Great, thanks John!