Can I Power FEZ Spider, USB Client DP Module with 8 AA 1,2V 1900mAh?

I have a FEZ Spider Starter Kit,
can i Power the USB Client DP Module with 8 AA 1,2V 1900mAh Rechargeable Batteries?

So if i calculate right i should have 9,6V and that should work?

Or is the 1900mAh to much?

I’m sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but i am new to this.

See attachments.



it will work fine

the 1900mah is the capacity of the batteries, not the load

you can use this one:

Thanks for the really quick answer.

@ VB-Daniel: yes, i saw that, but it’s 28$, if i buy the Batterie case and the cable from my pitures its ~4€

So just to be sure, it doesn’t matter how much mAh the batteries have, so i could also use 8 2700mAh Batteries?!

mAh is how long the battery will last for